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About Us

Rugged Gear originally was born through the inspiration of a South Dakota hunter, whose prized guns were rubbing and wearing in inferior-fitting gun holders. He invented the now-popular Rugged Gear adjustable hook system for a more secure gun holder to completely prevent the movement that causes stock and blueing wear.  In February of 2009 Rugged Gear bought a new product called Towtector from two brothers in Iowa.

Dan and Phil Schiebout are brothers from Iowa who have spent many hours creating and improving products that make life a little easier for them and others. They grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa, so they have had a lot of experience in fixing and redoing. They are both family men and have grown Children. They also both have other businesses and are committed to working hard and being successful.


Their Story.

About 5 years ago they both had newer boats and decided to go fishing on the Missouri River. On their way to their destination, they ran into some road repair. They had just put down fresh oil and rock on the road and needless to say, their boats or investments took the brunt of the construction. When they got home, they where both very angry at what damage was on their investment and decided they needed to do something to protect their boats. They both have the sense of inventing and creating because as farm boys, they where always fixing and making situations better for their needs.

They put their heads together and scrounged materials they had and after many changes and much testing, they came up with the idea of the Towtector. They knew that their mud flaps where not doing the job because a lot of the road debris came between the wheels. They needed something that would span the full width of their towing vehicle and not blow in the wind when they where going down the highway at a high speed. They also wanted something they could remove if they wanted too when they where not towing.


Soon they had people asking about the Towtector they had on their vehicles and wanted to know if they could have one also. The interest in the product made them realize that their invention was something they should have patented. After 4 years of changing and perfecting, we now have several dealers through out the US and also reps and distributors in Canada and Australia.

In Februay, 2009, Rugged Gear bought the Towtector from Dan and Phil and started producing them.