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Speed Boat Racer - David Woods

Below are a few photos of the Towtector on my truck with my race boat behind it as well as a few other photos of the boat on the lake and the trailer.

I drove 5000 miles with the Towtector on the truck and found no gravel, rocks, or debris on the trailer or hull of the boat... Thank You for the 'protection'!!! .... I had several inquiries about it and many comments on it... 'It works' is my main response... Yesterday I hooked up the boat trailer to move it 5 miles and put it inside a larger heated shop... it was raining at that time. By the time I got to the other shop the front of the trailer and hull was covered with road spray, sand and crap that comes off the road.... I did not have the Towtector on the truck.... My wife said, it would have been worth the extra time to take the Towtector out of the garage and put it on... probably less time than what it took us to clean up the trailer and hull...

Thanks for the time you spent with me while there and I appreciate having the Towtector on my truck. I will be marketing the Towtector as I travel!!! I'd appreciate a few nice decals for my trailer and topper window...


David Woods

Walleye Pro Angler - Justin
Walleye Pro Angler - Justin

“Boats are a big investment and you always want them to look their best. Rock chips in the paint/clear coat are always a concern especially when you do a lot of travel, and protecting against them can be difficult. I can honestly say that my TowTector keeps rocks and road debris from impacting my boat better than any product I have seen, even on gravel roads!  American made with quality components, TowTector is the new standard in protecting anything you haul, and no truck of mine will ever be without one.”

Justin Sieverding

Pro-Walleye Fisherman NPAA #162

Dakota Lure Company


Jason Wright
Johnnie Candle - Scheel's Walleye Angler
Johnnie Candle - Scheel's Walleye Angler
Musky Guide - Colby Schmitz - Wisconsin
Musky Guide - Colby Schmitz - Wisconsin
Russ Lane - BassMaster Pro Elite Angler
Russ Lane - BassMaster Pro Elite Angler

"The Towtector easily attaches to to the hitch on my Toyota truck and can be removed in only a few seconds. It protects my 921 Phoenix and trailer from flying debris and even road grime while towing all around the country on the Elite Series. Whether you are towing your bass boat, camper or anything that you want to fully protect, Towtector is an easy and affordable solution."

Bernie Barringer

“As an outdoor writer, I fish and hunt all over North America, travelling down every kind of road imaginable from interstate highways to abandoned logging roads in the wilds of Canada. I have put more than 200,000 miles on my TowTector and it still protects my boats and trailers just as well as it did the first day I put it on. My TowTector is clearly one of the best investments I have ever made.”

Bernie Barringer-Freelance Writer
25 years as a professional outdoorsman and outdoor wirter
Author of more than 400 magazine articles and ten books
Professional tournament angler
Owner of the website